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enrarot 2018-05-08 18:09:53
This printer is very good value for the money. It prints well out of the box, has a good user interface and responsive touch screen, and a solid frame. The filament stop sensor works fine. I have used it several times to change filament when a spool runs out. I have not had a chance to test the power loss function. I have printed almost non stop with the printer since it arrived on 13.04.2018. Some reviews point out that it has an old Marlin firmware which does not home the Z-axis slowly on the second tap. This one is improved. It first homes Z quickly and then homes slower for the final measurement. There's one bug in the firmware. Sometime when I want to change filament it either doesn't pull the filament out or doesn't pull it in. This has happened a couple of times. Nothing happens and the extruder just sits there without spinning, but the progress bar moves as if it's running the motor. It works the next time I try. Mine arrived with slight shipping damage. The adjustment screw in one corner of the bed had broken loose so I had to glue it to the bed, but it has held up fine. IT does not affect the leveling, and the printer prints straight in all angles. The X-belt was a little loose, which caused the printer to skip a couple of times before I fixed it by installing a belt spring. Also, the X-pulley has slight wobble, which I think is the reason why the belt was adjuster so loose. It would be binding if it was tighter without a spring to take up the slack. The hot end cooling fan starter howling when I turned the printer on a couple of days ago so the bearings are probably shot. It should last much longer than a few weeks of printing. Minor problems for me. I bought the printer to make a big EDF jet model. I attached some photos of the prototype jet being printed.
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Q: What is the stall current draw?

gevraagd door enrarot op 2019-09-15 12:42:33

zengjiewen Stall Current: 3.5A/5.0A/6.2A

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enrarot Update.I bought a second one after this test The second battery has two dead cells after winter storage at 3,8 V/cell. Two cells are under 1 V now. They were never overloaded or overdischarged. It has flown less than ten times. Not happy with it.

enrarot 2018-08-15 17:07:02
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