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Q: Is it true this unit has no swr meter built in?

gevraagd door BG910412322 op 2022-03-27 20:01:43

Zaphod69 This radio does not have a built in SWR meter.

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Q: Has anyone tested how high it actually flies?

gevraagd door BG910412322 op 2022-10-05 19:03:07

polarismike no ,have not . but work well

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BG353944189 Hello, since it is a switching power supply and the manufacturer has not made so much effort in the interference suppression, the ripple noise is already very high. Therefore, I think that there will ... Toon meer

2022-06-04 12:43:58 Nuttig (1)
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The seller Hello friends, the minimum output amplitude of FY3224S is 10mV.

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