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Ex3m0 2018-06-07 12:25:02
- very good for the money I paid (€ 8.62). - Is identical and works poorly like the U8 (+sim+sd+cam) - has only one physical button, the u8 model was more convenient to use because it had 4 buttons (3 touch) - test whit sim, the phone calls and text messages are useful, the internet browser work but can not load the web page - the social icon (whatsapp, twitter, facebook) are only a link for internet browser (not load the web page) - the sound recorder is good and you can send the recorded files via bluetooth, but very bad playback on the smartwatch (good on smartphone). - can copy files to the memory card only via bluetooth or removing it from smartwatch (very uncomfortable) -some settings can be changed but returned as default by themselves (es. LCD backlight autopoweroff, motion sensor, city in time zone, ecc) - used as a bluetooth headset, it takes good signal even in another room - after fully charging the battery I used it to test all the functions, complete discarge after less than 4 hours (intensive use) I bought this smartwatch because in the description it was written: "...HD Camera..." "...Built-in camera: Support take photo & video on your wrist via the smartwatch..." "....Pedometer, run with you & track your steps; Sleep Monitor, intelligent monitor to sleep at night..." - The camera mode take only photo at definition 160x120 240x240 320X240 and does not make video (practically useless). - The pedometer and sleep monitoring must be started manually every time and they only work alternately (practically useless)
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Q: it's really bluetooth?

gevraagd door Ex3m0 op 2019-04-09 04:09:17

curtvand You HAVE to use the USB dongle with this device. You cannot pair it with any other bluetooth device as much as I have tried. Which means it's WiFi and NOT bluetooth

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Ex3m0 need a WiFi access point to use onvif, I try to connect at smartphone tethering WiFi and work by app (cloud) but don't work onvif

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Q: can save the video in the sd card directly with not use cloud ????

gevraagd door HugoO op 2017-12-17 06:50:55

Ex3m0 extract SD and put in card reader, this is the only way I find to access on SD file

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Q: where is the orange color?

gevraagd door Ex3m0 op 2018-06-19 07:10:50

Pipsqueek you can buy orange and pink now,Thank you for your support and understanding.

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Q: When do the notifications start?

gevraagd door panos op 2017-12-14 12:58:57

Ex3m0 you could setting in app the notification by email or android notify when disconnected cam, audio and motion detected. And you could activate sound alert by internal speaker when relieve motion.

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Ex3m0 rtsp://admin:dg20160404@IP-NUMBER:554/onvif1 for high definition /onvif2 for low definition

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Q: is USB 3?

gevraagd door Ex3m0 op 2018-01-11 10:04:52
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