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Q: That means is it compatible with any S-FHSS sbus reciever

gevraagd door BG200493515 op 2021-06-25 07:20:43

BG443725131 Sim, julgo que sim...

2021-10-02 03:48:51 Nuttig (0)
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Q: can this be use in simulator like lift off or any fpv simulator in steam?

gevraagd door BG143211253 op 2021-08-22 09:06:11

BG443725131 Não experimentei mas julgo que sim. Tem tudo para dar certo.

2021-10-02 03:48:13 Nuttig (0)
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Q: Do i need to build it or does it come ready?

gevraagd door BG194844434 op 2021-08-21 01:15:45

BG443725131 Vêm pronto a andar, é só pôr pilhas no comando e ligar a bateria que vêm incluída para se divertir.

2021-10-02 03:47:29 Nuttig (0)
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Q: There are any spare parts available?

gevraagd door BG134816365 op 2021-08-23 06:07:36

BG443725131 Julgo que não...

2021-08-24 08:51:43 Nuttig (0)
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