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Q: Tamil language keyboard available?

gevraagd door Bas op 2018-09-13 12:19:09

Steatogenous no keyboard comes with it

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Q: what's dual wi-fi?

gevraagd door Bas op 2018-09-04 04:22:15

Kekuj it means that you can connect it to 2.4G WIFI or 5G WIFI

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Q: can I use it with pc? if yes any usb dongle need to buy?

gevraagd door Bas op 2018-09-03 11:31:16

Happypear yes, it comes with a USB receiver plug and play

2018-09-17 02:04:00 Nuttig (0)
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Lissome The remote works through 2.4Ghz wireless connection. It might lag due to native slang

2018-09-17 02:55:35 Nuttig (0)
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Q: will it support bluetooth wielwss keyboard?

gevraagd door Bas op 2018-09-03 12:19:41

Nincompoop no, try USB wireless keyboard. there are three USB ports on the device.

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Q: what is pre order?

gevraagd door Bas op 2018-09-02 10:37:58

HerefSnooty you can place an order before there is stock and they would send you the item as soon as the stocks come. they would usually give a deadline of stocks coming

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