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espenlossius When gilgisin say there are only one UART for the receiver, that's not true. Unless you also use gps, and something for the 5(!) other UARTs. Beast F7 has 7 UARTs, although two and a half of them is in the Dji plug. So at least 4 - 5 UARTs for your crossfire, air unit (if you dont use the plug for some reason), gps, and still you have one or two more, and two more in the Dji HD plug.

gilgsn 16/12/2020
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Q: why 2 rhcp and 2 lhcp? should be all the same

gevraagd door CpnMercury op 2019-12-12 10:08:08

espenlossius Its called hybrid polarized antenna aray, its new tech and its very very good!!

2021-02-10 03:12:48 Nuttig (0)
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espenlossius Those are ao naked GoPro mounts, insta 360 mount, and antenna mounts, probably some for holding vtx etc as well... 😊

ReyFPV 27/11/2020
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Q: Is blue version with DJI camera, and Black-04 version with caddx camera?

gevraagd door espenlossius op 2020-11-14 08:19:28

Discophoran No. Both are CADDX BABY RATEL Cam. Just in different design on the frame kit.

2020-12-04 05:05:46 Nuttig (0)
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