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Kostas Θα έλεγα να μην το πάρεις καλύτερα, γιατί θα θέλεις και ψηφιακό δέκτη

Kostas 21/11/2019
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Kostas The lights are perfect.I took them for a friend of mine and he is very pleasant.He use the H7 for a Citroen C4 coupe.It depends on your car if there is a sign for errors.You better check if your car needs a canbus.

Kostas 09/04/2021
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Q: is this led blind upcoming traffic?

gevraagd door BG445343912 op 2021-04-20 11:41:14

Kostas No, everything looks like your original headlights.

2021-04-20 12:40:07 Nuttig (0)
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