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Bravedan There are numerous Websites and Forums covering builds. Suggest you look at Oscar Liang's for a start.

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Bravedan The red board now being sent is Revision 5 (REV5), this does not bind to earlier revision Eachine Transmitters. As of date of this post Eachine E010's are still being issued with REV3 Transmitter/Receivers, and this board will not work to a REV3 Tx.

boroda 2020-09-19 04:32:02
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Q: which transmitter is needed for this reciver

gevraagd door Swapna Baruah op 2020-03-22 01:57:21

Bravedan Red coloured board now being issued is marked Revision 5 (REV5). I have tested this and it requires a Rev5 Transmitter as the bind is different so earlier revisions of Eachine Tx do not work. As of 15-10-2020 Eachine E010 delivered to me are still REV3.

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Bravedan The best Mod for these is to carefully remove the stick tops from the domed base,its a push fit, and extend them. This makes the stick movement greater for the same action, making it less violent. There are various ways, 3D printed extensions, etc, but my favourite is to use some 3mm thread hexagonal studs (available here cheaply in various lengths) drill the thread to a force fit, shorten the thred end slightly, and glue on the stick tops. Have done this to over 50 of them used for a school club, for use as quads or converted to racing hovercraft.

BG441516432 2020-03-22 10:28:27
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