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Q: Can you use on Ender3 V2?

gevraagd door Bssman op 2022-08-08 03:54:28

Mitch1967 Yes

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Mitch1967 No warping for me. If you have I would suggest replacing it with a glass bed. No warping issues and much better adhesion and print quality.

2022-04-19 02:57:59 Nuttig (0)
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Q: hello. will it work with poco x3 pro and samsung s20fe? thank you

gevraagd door janobero op 2022-04-19 01:13:29

Mitch1967 I would check the specifics of both those items first. If they allow charging via contact rather than a cable then yes, it should work.

2022-04-19 02:56:33 Nuttig (0)
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