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Q: Do these motors have to be soldered?

gevraagd door BG542249834 op 2021-04-03 06:45:02

MastaH The wires are already connected to the motor. But you will have to solder the wire to the ESC.

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Q: Is it possible to use with 2s battery?

gevraagd door janniskininis op 2021-01-06 04:00:29

MastaH Better not. It is a special low voltage servo. With 2s you normally need a BEC anyway to get 5V. So you can use a regular micro servo.

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MastaH Not good for such small current. It will show a value, but not very accurate. But I think a clamp meter is in general not a good tool for small current.

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Q: is this need any flight controler

gevraagd door Raj Raj op 2020-11-09 07:57:49

MastaH It depends on what you plan to do. Normally you would not use such a receiver with a flight controller. You would use it for an airplane and connect servos and motor directly. When you plan to built a multi rotor (drone) then you need a flight controller. But then this is maybe the wrong receiver.

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