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ipatterson@gantoniou It can really over heat if you run multi apps. Also you shouldn't run the computer continually as it can become so hot it will shut down. so make sure you have in on a hard surface and no airflow obstruction. keep away from heaters. finally give it regular rest periods and never leave it running continually. if he does overheat and shuts down let it cool before trying to switch on again. I suspect you can damage the motherboard if you allow it to over heat too many times.

gantoniou 25/02/2021
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ipatterson Sad update. My computer mini PC arrived in the UK from HK as above. All seemed fine until I wanted to add another drive. When it arrived it was tampered with. The bottom screws to memory and hard drive had been removed and not replaced. Instead it had been glued tight with super glue. So I am unable to get access to update the SSD storage drive and ram memory.

ipatterson 19/01/2022
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