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B_L1996 300W rms, but uh the amp is minimum 4 Ohm so make sure ur not putting a 2 or 1 Ohm load on it

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Q: can I connect the lights directly to a 3,7v 900mah Lipo battery?

gevraagd door rmerino op 2018-02-18 09:24:02

aydensanford You can but you run the risk of over-discharging the lipo.

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Q: Hi, does not it fit in 1/18 cars?

gevraagd door Gilsantos123 op 2017-12-06 08:24:56

aydensanford I think that 1-18 is the limit otherwise the lights would be too big and ruin the look, I think. differently, do able just maybe shorten the wires or loop them together to shorten the length. can be done, just be creative.

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