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Q: does in work on linux

gevraagd door BG143711320 op 2022-12-09 09:18:18

freehelot Yes, tested working on debian 11 both on USB, bluetooth and Wi-Fi dongle included. Only thing that doesn't work is the software for changing lights and or macros, you'd have to find another software for that or simply use wine or windows machine to setup your preferences. They are memorized on the keyboard itself. I use it daily to switch between work laptop and my PC instead of using KVM switch.

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freehelot 28/06/2021
Before reviewing I have to warn any readers that I have received this product as a free trial, so take my review with a grain of salt. The package was packed nicely, everything is protected by lots of cardboard, You can see in the pictures and in the item description what cables come in the box, all you need extra is a 5V/0.5V usb charger or just stick it in your pc usb slot. I tested the device in RX and bypass mode, couldn't test it in TX mode since I don't own any bluetooth speakers and I couldn't connect to my car stereo since I have to input pairing numbers which this device doesn't support (the only buttons are for pairing and audio control). In RX mode, I connected my speakers to the box and connected via bluetooth to the box from my phone, and everything worked nicely. Couldn't hear any problems in the sound and was pleasantly suprised how fast and good it works. Bypass mode literally just makes a connection between your audio device and media device and here to prior connections, I just added aux cable between the box and my pc. Switching into bypass mode, the sound came on from pc, and switching back to RX mode worked almost instantly and music started playing from my phone. In bypass mode, I couldn't hear any loss in sound quality but I don't have the best speakers nor audio testing equipment to back that up. As I said prior, you need a usb charger or free pc usb slot to charge this device. This device does come with a built in battery, I haven't tested how long it works since I don't plan on using it without a power supply at all times. Having a battery is a nice addition but kinda overkill since all outdoor speakers today have built in bluetooth, so I can't see the use for a battery inside this box. I can already see this device as a great addition to my stuff of gadgets since I do have some speakers and home cinema which require aux connection and with this box I can just connect via bluetooth and carry my phone/laptop around.
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freehelot Voltage is their rated voltage, meaning maximum voltage allowed to pass through before they blow out.Only way you can change that is changing the voltage passed to capacitors.Considering capacitor wiring, you should read some electronics books or repeat high school physics before doing anything, but for short:Parallel connection: Ctotal = C1 C2 .... CnSerial connection: 1 div Ctotal = (1 div C1) (1 div C2) ... (1 div Cn)Had to replace division symbol with "div" since bg doesn't allow that symbol.

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freehelot 08/02/2022
This is my first mechanical keyboard that I own, but I do have some experience and know the feel of cherry switches. I went from full sized keyboard with extra macro switches to this 67% and it was a shocker at first, but you get used to it. Concerning the quality, I'm amazed for the price what you get, I doubt you can get anything better for the same price range and be able to switch switches, keycaps so easily. I like the fact that you can have up to 3 bluetooth devices connected to the keyboard and can switch to them from keyboard via macro (fn+key), via cable and via 2.4GHz with the adapter provided. I've been using it as my daily keyboard, I have more space and I type more and more, even this review was done on it. It works on windows after installing drivers and flashing new firmware on it (expect some problems with that but you can find google drive files and firmare online) and you can set your custom macros, lights and everything. My only grief with the keyboard is that the already present macros for example for "`" are not indicated on the keyboard itself, but was visible as an image in the manual which is pretty much useless. I would like a detailed manual with already built in macros and a possibility to change what keycaps do with basic software (ie. i'm missing tilde but I could add a macro). Other than that, I'll probably switch keycaps in the future and add some foam inside since people are doing it, so I can see what the difference is, otherwise I'm happy, I have more space on the table and I can easily use it without cables on multiple devices, great for home office on multiple pcs.
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Q: Use wired headset..?

gevraagd door BG154864441 op 2021-08-29 04:00:21

freehelot I had bluetooth speakers and wired connected to it at the same time. There is a switch on the device where you select what mode of operation you want, it's all in the manual and the description.

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Q: Should we wear it when we sleep?

gevraagd door mixalis760 op 2021-11-26 03:08:55

freehelot It has some neat feature to track your sleep cycles if you want to see that. I personally like the alarm in the morning, as if someone is gently pulling on my hand, less stressful then full pledged alarm. If you don't use the Band alarm or are not interested in sleep cycles that will automatically log your sleep hours, you can always do it manually by logging sleep times.

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Q: Possui GPS?

gevraagd door BG121148232 op 2021-05-04 05:08:22

freehelot It doesn't have gps If you want GPS features when you're walking or exercising, you'll have to turn on Bluetooth, keep it connected to Mi Fit and turn on GPS on your mobile phone. Tested working on Mi Band 4 and 6.

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