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Q: in which locations you can deliver in india can you deliever in bihar?

gevraagd door jyoti.sahshi op 2019-05-08 10:08:38

JAMES Please ask about security at AMAZON-SERVICE

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Q: Does it support Flysky receivers ?

gevraagd door 6qo op 2022-07-25 10:17:32

JAMES You get the 4in1 ? then Yes,very good function there tooAFHDS 2A , AFHDS , see------- google and flysky-cn .But with ELRS devinitiv nothing flysky and so on......

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Q: hi what is the difference between MK2 max?

gevraagd door wortex op 2022-07-23 07:42:22


Improved internal circuitry and optimized power supply.
New charging circuit with integrated reverse polarity protection.
The optimized charging IC now allows up to 2.2 A internal USB-C charging current.
Rear mounted audio jack with headphone output.
V4.0 gimbal improved centering and temperature stability (same circuit as AG01).
Optional high/low rear handles included for improved ergonomics.
Improved S1/S2 knobs with clear center detent.
Improved LS/RS sliders with smoother feel and better center detent.
Redesigned battery cover for improved battery access.
Redesigned body with improved fit and finish.
The trainer jack has been changed to a standard TRS 3.5mm jack.
Added rear DIY socket for custom mods.
Improved internal plastics for better durability.

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Q: Which batteries should I buy for this radio?

gevraagd door domimikbardroff op 2020-03-28 12:39:15

JAMES Batterie Typ 18650 with flat contacts

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JAMES Version: TX18S - click window ! Do not click - window TX18 - Lite!I don't have a lite version. My version is RadioKing TX18S Hall sensor gimbals and touchscreen IPS 4.3” Screen with Touch Panel! 4in1 Module . Roller metal . Hall Sensor with CNC Aluminium Facias .A7105 - Flysky, Hubsan, AFHDS2A etcCC2500- Frsky, Futaba SFHSS. Hitec, Radioliik etcCYRF6936 - DSM/DSMX, Walkera Devo, Wfiy etcNRF24LO1 - Hisky, Syme. ASSAN etc

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BG114117511 10/10/2020
Nach einem sehr schnellen Versandt kam die Drohne gut verpackt bei mir an. Sehr schönes Etui. Als erstes ist mir die gute Anleitung, die in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung steht, aufgefallen - damit war die Inbetriebnahme kein Problem. Für ihre Größe und ihr Gewicht fliegt die Drohne ausreichend stabil, Die Drohne ist sehr einfach zu bedienen, nach dem binden kann das Fliegen sofort beginnen. Insbesondere aufgrund der unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten ist die Drohne absolut anfängerfreundlich, macht aber auch mit mehr Erfahrung viel Spaß. So gewöhnt man sich gut an vorausschauendes Steuern. Ich fand nichts Defektes in der Mini-Drohne. Die Drohne ist so leicht und perfekt aus guten Materialien gefertigt. Als Beilage ist auch ein kleiner Schraubendreher und ein Ladegerät Kabel und 1 Satz Ersatzrotoren mit dabei. Insgesamt ein wirklich gutes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis. After being shipped very quickly, the drone arrived well packaged. Very nice case. The first thing I noticed was the good instructions, which are available in English - so commissioning was not a problem. The drone is stable enough for its size and weight, The drone is very easy to use and flying can begin immediately after binding. Especially due to the different speeds, the drone is absolutely beginner-friendly, but is also a lot of fun with more experience. This is how you get used to predictive steering. I did not find anything defective in the mini drone. The drone is so light and perfectly made from good materials. A small screwdriver and a charger cable and 1 set of spare rotors are also included. Overall a really good price-performance ratio.
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