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Q: Can i fit a 4068 motor instead of the 3670?

gevraagd door raceableability op 2022-01-01 02:50:38

Odino77 Yes, I've done it and it's a beast

2022-04-23 02:38:53 Nuttig (0)
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Odino77 Basta saper leggere. Il frame del 120A è diverso da quello da 80A

2022-04-20 03:21:36 Nuttig (1)
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Odino77@BG221015494 two different drones: SE 2020 is a beast, but Mini is more portable and I can use it in the city. They has the same camera (and probably the same image processor) but I prefer SE videos/pics. Probably they will improve with next firmwares.

Odino77 03/11/2021
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Q: What is the caliper (diameter) of the silver hub pins?

gevraagd door eric_swid op 2020-05-18 11:27:26

Odino77 Internal or external?

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Q: wo genau gehört diess teil hin ?

gevraagd door BG215510540 op 2021-09-09 08:16:30

Odino77 Speak in english

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