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Q: Is it suitable for powering a 19V notebook from 12V car battery?

gevraagd door BG293294354 op 2021-07-25 06:17:31

derschwarzemichel Yes, I think so. You can reach the same with only a Step up Modul. Wach the curent of your Laptop!

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Q: Will this fit a traxxas hoss 4x4 vxl?

gevraagd door BG235051153 op 2021-07-17 07:48:12

derschwarzemichel Ja. Servo hat Standard Größe, und Passt bei den meisten 1:10 Modelen Problemlos. Habe dieses Servo in mehreren Autos verbaut, und bin zufrieden damit. Noch keine defekte, trotz harter Nuzung.

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Q: what size batteries does this suggest for each 2s 3s 4s???

gevraagd door Deezyy2476 op 2019-05-03 12:15:35

derschwarzemichel 380-550mAat 2S 450-550mA at 3S (300mA is to smal, not enouth curent!) Motors can6t 4S!!!!! only the Stack.

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derschwarzemichel 27/11/2019
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