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Q: have a app control ?

gevraagd door JOAO op 2020-10-11 03:47:00

Mayble22 it's third-party and I tight not work further you will not get any support

2022-01-20 04:29:31 Nuttig (0)
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JOAO Depois de experimentar arrependi-me de comprar o aspirador não tem força suficiente e anda sempre no mesmo lugar :(

JOAO 19/03/2021
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Q: Is chinoise version or global?

gevraagd door JOAO op 2020-10-17 05:38:19

keepmealive Although I have all my devices to Chinese server, I get a notification that it is not supported!

2020-11-28 06:42:59 Nuttig (0)
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