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Q: do you accept c.o.d?

gevraagd door BG832112218 op 2022-04-27 06:48:21

mskdrift Formula meglio la domanda, non capisco.

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mskdrift@BG941152235 Mi è arrivato per posta senza alcuna tassa doganale, se ho capito bene la tua domanda

mskdrift 19/01/2022
The smartwatch has a good finish quality, without any burrs or poorly made fitting details, the bracelet is made of a malleable and comfortable material. The thickness of the smartwatch is very thick and looks strange on the wrist, especially for those with a thin wrist. Looking at it from the front, the watch looks nice on the arm, but looking at it from the side, I can't say it's beautiful, it looks very strange on the wrist because it's disproportionate in relation to the bracelet. The camera has a good quality, as the same camera is used for selfie and rear, in the 2 modes the photos have identical qualities. The battery life time is reasonable, I put it to charge up to 100% and after 10 hours on stand-by overnight the battery was at 80%. Your system is very fluid without crashes, when logging in the smartwatch to my Google account, it was recognized as a Redmi 8 Smartphone, The typing keyboard for being tiny, it is very difficult to use it without errors, if you are going to write long texts on it, I don't recommend it! It comes with the Playstore installed, being able to install any type of application, YouTube, Chrome, WhatsApp, etc. If you leave it to view in full screen or applications, they end up cutting information from the apps, but you have the option to leave it in a square format, but with a smaller viewing. I just thought that syncing data from the smartwatch to the smartphone app takes longer than usual, it could be faster. We can also install a music app and listen to it on the smartwatch through a Bluetooth headset without relying on a smartphone. The calls via the cell phone operator work well without any problem, the audio of the calls has a good volume, I hear very well. You can make video calls both over Wi-Fi and Network with reasonable quality. It has built-in GPS which works well without much location errors, you can do outdoor exercise and track by mapping your run or walk.
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Q: Are these any good for night driving?

gevraagd door FredMz op 2022-03-30 05:40:25

mskdrift They are to block out blue light that damages the eyesight

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