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Q: Hi. Does it work with Peugeot 607 2.2 HDI 2006 year(redesign)? Thnx

gevraagd door Zac2704 op 2019-12-31 09:47:05

Surculation Yes,it works with Peugeot 607 2.2 HDI 2006 year.

2020-01-02 09:54:03 Nuttig (0)
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Zac2704 I have placed the order for it, and they took the payment, and they cancelled it without notifying me, their comment was it is out of stock, but I see it is still available!! Baad baad experience. So if I want to buy it now for 129.99 it is available, but i bought it while it was on discount for 99. Should already be here, now I have to explain to my kid why he won't get present he wanted. Thank you banggood!!!

ciclico 22/10/2019
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