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raymor No. For a dead cat frame, the front arms (where the camera is) would be almost straight across. That is, the motors would not be in front of the camera, but rather beside it, so that the camera couldn't see the props. It's not *quite* a true X , but pretty darn close.

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Q: Uhmmmmm. Why 2in1? Reason for having 2 recievers??

gevraagd door beamrx5 op 2019-01-09 09:57:36

casanova1975 2in1 1 Telemetrie Receiver 2 remote control Receiver Also 2in1

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BenjaminWThomas Flywoo F411 iNav 2.6 supports I2C on the 'upgrade' version of this board. (Board hardware self-identifies in iNav 2.6 as FW41.) I'm running on a 4" Sky Hero OB1 frame with Diatone Mamba 30A 4-in-1, GPS+I2C compass and iBus receiver. Everything works great! I have an original (no I2C) board and 3 'upgrade' boards, and have built up one of each. Have been good on first flights with no fiddling on iNav's presets. Heck of a deal.

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Q: anyone know the current scale for this?

gevraagd door beamrx5 op 2021-01-26 09:39:13

Wisent Check and back soon

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beamrx5 looks cheap(?) but priced TOO MUCH

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Q: is this frame a deadcat style? no prop in view i mean?

gevraagd door carlosgonzalez1985 op 2020-11-05 08:33:40

beamrx5 maybe in the 7" version. in MY 8" , I can still see props because arms are longer. even with that high of a camera angle. you still have to crop the video so props cant be seen.

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Q: hi are there any wiring layouts for this??

gevraagd door beamrx5 op 2018-12-27 02:48:42

turboracing on the back of the board things are labeled

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