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doffer_nl Have you looked at the quality of the WiFi signal? Check the signal with e.g. Wifi Analyzer, at the playstore made door abdel rahmanm sid dot com For example, switch to a channel that has fewer users. Success

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Q: Is it EU or US plug?

gevraagd door Oscar H op 2020-02-01 01:53:21

doffer_nl Good question! I received the right adeptor, namely EU-USB. Can't remember if I gave up. The length of the cable, USB-USB-c, bridges the distance between the adeptor and the camera by about 100 cm.

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Q: can i put the camera in the wall/roof or its a camera to put only in the table???

gevraagd door Jorge Manuel Bação op 2020-01-10 05:09:01

doffer_18417318325 Suspensionfrom ceiling and wall is possible. There are two small screw holes for screws with a thickness of 3mm. Putting it down on the table is also possible. The supplied power cable, usb-micro usb, has a length of 100 cm!!!!

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