Wrongway Ihave 2 of these, the second one failed after using it 1 time. Unfortunately, I waited approx. 1 month before using it and Banggood was reluctant to honor any kind of warranty. they kept offering points but not the full value. I still like the charger and will probably buy another one. You can bet I will fire it up as soon as I get it!

Wrongway 08/08/2022
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Wrongway Update....Thischarger drops one of the charging circuits charging 2 5000mah 6s batteries at 5 amps I later discovered. At first I suspected the charger was bad but now I think the problem is my d.c. power supply. I can charge 1 5000mah 6s battery at 5 amps and the other at 3300 rate. i have not checked it to see how it performs using the internal a.c. power supply yet.

Wrongway 01/08/2022
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