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  • 16/06/2020

    Order arrived well packed and in good condition. I received the updated V2.1S controller board with firmware 2.10, which has the fix for the battery drain issue some of the previous versions had. Build quality is good, but as noted by numerous reviewers, it suffers from a safety point of view. The case is not grounded, and there are some clearance issues with the AC/DC coupling with one of the power supply radiators. You can find on Youtube detailed tear-down and modification videos which explain how to make it a safer station.

    Toon origineel
  • TedVIP1

    Bought it because it was recommended by Lord Voultar himself. And yes it is an amazing and reliable soldering station. Love it.

    Toon origineel
  • 01/04/2019

    BEWARE! This is NOT the 2.1s hardware revision. It is the 2.01 hw revision with a FAKE FIRMWARE flashed on it. This is a picture of the 2.1s hw version of the board taken from Banngood's own site. There are many youtube reviews detailing the differences between the models. The 2.01 version heats up more slowly but if it is running the later software may pose safety concerns. If you want the 2.01 version, you can get it cheaper on this site or from DX. I consider that I have been defrauded but Banggood have refused to offer a full refund after over 1 month of trying. The stars for this product are irrelevant as Banggood will not allow 1 star reveiws.

    Toon origineel
  • 10/01/2021

    Pájecí stanice za nákupní cenu splnila mé očekávání!!!!! Přesto je v originálním provedení pro provozování nebezpečná! Kovová krabička vč.páj. hrotu není uzemněná. Chladič pro dvojitou diodu nebezpečně překlenuje izolační mezeru na plošném spoji a vodivě propojuje primární a sekundární část zdroje, není dodržená bezpečná vzdálenost 5mm. Po provedení mechanických a elektrických úprav lze pájecí stanici bezpečně používat. Ještě taková drobnost, interní hodiny se značně předcházejí, za 1den o cca 15min. Nastavení korekce chyby času nepomáhá.

    Toon origineel
  • 26/02/2021

    My order arrived very well packed and in good condition. I received a model with V2.1S controller board with firmware version 2.12, which has a fix for the battery drain issue of previous versions. Build quality is good and it works very well. From cold start, a soldering tip heats up to working temperature within 8 - 10 seconds, dependent on the tip type. The unit is double fused but the metal housing isn't wired to ground. This is easily sorted out by using a dremel tool on the screw holes to strip off the anodyzed coating and by soldering a ground wire to the ground pin internally and to the chassis somewhere. I can higly recommend this soldering station!

    Toon origineel
  • 10/09/2020

    This soldering station is absolutely brilliant. It supports live-swapping of soldering tips! It'll turn the station off you don't move the soldering iron and it gets up to temperature fast. From a cold start, a soldering tip is up to temperature in around 5 seconds, perhaps even less. The station allows you to calibrate the temperature of soldering tips if you need exact temperature precision and it's backed by a backup battery internally. It's also an extremely small unit, so small in fact it can sit in the palm of your hand. Don't let the diminutive size fool you though, it packs a good punch. The T12 tip that comes with it looks to be quite high quality, and it's definitely worth buying some additional soldering iron tips so you have something to suit any soldering scenario. Delivery was pretty fast, and more over, the onboard digital controller is really quite excellent. For the price, I doubt you can get a better iron. Now there are some caveats for this soldering station. Out of the box, it's not completely safe. The soldering station is essentially a power supply and digital control board inside the very nice looking anodyzed chassis. The metal housing isn't wired into ground. This is easily sorted out by using a dremel tool on the screw holes to strip off the anodyzed coating and by soldering a ground wire to the ground pin internally and to the chassis somewhere. I did this procedure and verified using my multimeter that the station is fully grounded and how it's safe and sound. Additionally, the unit is fused. One other thing to look out for is there is a PCB trace internally that runs under a heatsink. If this trace was to ever blow, it could bridge the AC side with the DC side of the board. Trimming the offending heatsink fin sorts this out. And finally, my favourite feature. You can hot-swap iron tips when they're at full temperature! What an absolutely great piece of kit for the money! Easily comparable to the big name brand it is similar to.

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    Toon origineel
  • 18/10/2019

    Good quality! Mine has V2.1S Hw and V2. 10 software. BUT it has a new style pcb, called "V2.12S". It is slightly modified, no drained RTC batteries any more. The handle is cheap quality, but at least it holds the tips really firmly, a big plus.

    Toon origineel
  • 08/04/2021

    Positive points: Very good for the price it costs! Good construction, light, does not overheat during operation, and reaches working temperature in seconds, making our work much faster. The tips are good and easy to change, the temperature, calibration, standby and sleep settings help to prolong the life of the iron tips and save energy. Negative points: It is possible to save 3 programmed temperatures, but access to changing temperatures should be easier. Unfortunately we do not have a power cable and manual, although easy to use and have explanatory videos on the net, it has some functions that have been forgotten. Conclusion: A very suitable tool for professionals looking for a VERY GOOD product at an affordable price and who don't mind looking for operating instructions on the internet. I recommend!!!!

    Toon origineel
  • 12/06/2019

    the quality of the handle could have been much better l. the cases had some scuffs overall i'm happy just abit dissappointed

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    Toon origineel
  • 16/05/2020

    Encomenda embalada cuidadosamente,sem riscos ou estrago. Boa qualidade de construção , ver.2.1s pcb,"V2.12S". Rápido aquecimento e estável muito satisfeito com o equipamento. Recomendo

    Toon origineel

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