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  • 28/09/2020

    This is an interesting kit, but it is incomplete and some parts are incorrect. The chassis is cut for a different project, and does not have the correct mounting points for the controller board or the sensor, so additional drilling is required. The instructions are incomplete - for instance there is no reference at all to the sensor assembly, which is quite complex. There is no wiring diagram, so a good knowledge of Arduino add-ons and power supply arrangement is required. There are 4 stand offs supplied, but there should be 12. Some soldering is required, as well as additional tools. Dupont connectors are not included. On the plus side, the sensor mount is actually a tilt-and pan mount for a camera, and can be upgraded with some readily-available extras. The castor has ball bearings. The sensor shield includes headers for a number of additional components, including a LCD display, SD card and Bluetooth (but note that the Arduino might not support all functions simultaneously). The encoder wheels are provided, but to get feedback on the number of steps for each wheel (for instance, to ensure straight-line tracking) you will need to add the opto sensors and create the required code. There are cutouts on the board for mounting the sensors. This is a simple robot that is a good basis for Arduino-based robot control, but be prepared to deal with the problems mentioned above.

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  • 15/04/2019

    Fun to build and works great. I built this kit as a working obstacle-avoidance robot car. Provided my own wires, standoffs, and some additional hardware. Also had to drill some additional mounting holes. I switched to using five AA batteries to get better voltage regulation.

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  • 29/04/2018

    I just bought 2 of those kit. 1 for me and 1 for my 11 years old daughter. With the help of the video of ChenTheDesignMeker you could easyly assemble and program the robot. Don't forget to by some dupont wire like those to connect the L298N and the ultrasonic sensor to the arduino. https://www.banggood.com/search/1262667.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKcKdMb_nkQ&list=PLN9tittQZUlRJCdE17eORJ7ZGVhGnH77k I just make some change from the video: Ultrasonic sensor ECHO=>D12 TRIG=>D13 VCC=>VCC GND=>GND L298N ENA=>D11 IN1=>D9 IN2=>D8 IN3=>D7 IN4=>D6 ENB=>D5 Servo =>D4 Thanks to Banggood for this great kit and thanks to Chen for his video.

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  • 14/11/2017

    No manual included, so I made a video here: https://youtu.be/eKcKdMb_nkQ Hope this can help you!

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  • 19/07/2017

    Bei dem Bausatz handelt es sich um eine großartige Zusammenstellung von Bauteilen für Roboterexperimente. Das Preis Leistungsverhältnis ist ausgezeichnet. Man erhält für den Preis unter anderem ein Arduine, ein Shield, eine Ultraschallsen sor und eine L298N Motosteuerung. dazu viel weitere Einzelteile. Super. Ich habe eine Youtube Serie über den Bau mit diesm Kit gemacht. Hier die Playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkjRsJrnsLo-crR1Euqro47uhaJg5Ci_K -------------------------------- The kit is a great combination of components for robot experiments. The price performance ratio is excellent. The price includes an Arduine, a shield, an ultrasonic sensor and an L298N motor control unit. Plus many other items. Great. I have made a Youtube series about building with this kit. Here is the playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkjRsJrnsLo-crR1Euqro47uhaJg5Ci_K

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  • 04/09/2018

    Han venido todos lo componentes. No viene con libro de instrucciones, tienes que pensar cómo montarlo. Es un kit DIY total, toda la programación la realizas desde 0. Muy recomendable para principiantes.

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  • 19/05/2018

    A very cheap but complete kit to learn robotic on arduino even for children. It come with all necessary item except female to female dupont cable to connect arduino shield to L298 board and ultrasonic sensor. Don't forget to buy some https://www.banggood.com/search/75612.html You can find assembling and programming tutorials on my website: www.obiremi.ovh

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  • 17/04/2018

    Produto interessante, em especial o preço, para a quantidade de material que tem. Faltam instruções detalhadas de montagem. O que vem só mostra a montagem dos motores. Não há nada sobre a montagem dos restantes componentes nem o esquema de ligações. Para quem não tiver conhecimentos de eletrónica fica complicado. Vejam os comentários já existentes. Felizmente alguém já colocou na net o esquema de ligações e um programa para o Arduino. Muito obrigado. Também quero contribuir para o vosso êxito na montagem. Por isso deixo uma foto do meu já montado e do esquema de ligações (alterado). Fiz um suporte diferente para a placa de ultra-sons (não gostei do que vinha) e tive de colocar 6 pilhas porque com 4 não funciona - o driver dos motores é alimentado com 6 volts e o total dos 9 volts vão alimentar a entrada DC do Arduino. A saída de 5 volts do driver dos motores não é suficiente para o Arduino funcionar corretamente. O programa que encontrei (e que não consigo deixar aqui)funciona bem, mas fiz alguns melhoramentos e o veículo passou a ter um pouco mais de inteligência. Boa sorte!

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  • 10/12/2017

    I like this package it's complete. I recommend for my students

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  • 23/06/2018

    My first kit came crushed so they sent me a new kit that was all in one piece. The anticipation was killer. The kit went together with just a few hiccups trying to find the correct holes for everything is impossible so you must improvise. The M3 stand-offs that Banggood sells are good for this. Just screw them into the board in all four corners and and screw them into the platform where ever you can then you can use the stand-offs as guides for where you need to drill holes. Second you

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