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  • 01/06/2016

    Today i have received this excellent product already tested i'm gonna write a small review and some questions to the dealer or the eachine. So the first thing that i realised is the package well made really protected the goggle when i'm unpacked.......blabla. First impressions with fpv is outstanding the solid video signal what i got is make me feel secured i use 2.1 lens to see more and no disortion on this google. The goggle have a small Videostrength signal icon( upper left corner) that is really helpful while flying under trees etc. The weight is not so much fully balanced feels like nothing on my head separable and easy to clean (be aware to the freshnel lens it gather scratches fast like always ) hope we can buy spare lenses etc. in case of problems. The working time is....4 hours with turn on/off so the 3.5 hours is a real number . one bad thing. It made from smooth plastic (thats good) but its hard like stone hope we could buy some faceplates . Overall for 80$ it is a really cheap but decent goggle ( ohhh pardon raceband enabled) . My question is. When we can buy spare parts ( freshnel lens faceplate googlecover for example) . I have to thank to Eachine to make FPV to cheaper hobby no need for 500EU F*t$har* to feel the comfort of the real wirelessness. And one more time where can i got spare lens? Thank you for the answer

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  • 19/03/2017

    Eachine ev800 мне очень понравился, много функциональный, со встроенной батареей,легкий, компактный, но ... . Нет регулировки для глаз. Эту проблему я решил вот как: Взял линзу на 2.5х (из четырех она лучше всего подошла для меня ) из этого набора http://www.banggood.com/ru/4-Lens-Headband-LED-Head-Light-Magnifier-Magnifying-Glass-Loupe-p-950353.html?rmmds=mywishlist , обрезал снизу и вырезал проем для носа. Вставил в шлем и получилось СУПЕР. Ничто ничему не мешает, компактно, быстро снимается, видимость отличная.

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  • 02/06/2016

    Best product at this price! I'm really happy with it. Only cons: No foam so it lays hard on your face but the ergonomy is very nice. just add a strip of foam of you choice and it's perfect. Weight is not be mentionned it is a screen of course it's à bit heavier than goggles but its not uncomfortable. And as described no av in or out and no dvr so...

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  • 11/06/2017

    This google works great, but the lens is to narrow for people that is a bit farsighted and i think even for those with "normal" sight. But this can be fixed in an very easy way. Even without some kind of permanent non-reversible modifications :-) You can just insert this cheap glasses, by unscrew and remove the temples of this glasses https://www.banggood.com/One-Piece-Rimless-Comfortable-Magnifying-Reading-Glasses-Fatigue-Relieve-Strength-1_0-1_5-2_0-2_5-3_0-3_5-4_0-p-1022897.html?rmmds=myorder Insert a bit of foam on both sides of the goggle inside the padding where it is a little space just in front of the headstrap-mounts. Then you can with ease insert the correcting glasses, by inserting one of the ends first, and push it against the foam. Then push the padding at the other side a bit aside, so you get the other end of the corrective goggle inside the padding and against the foam-piece at that end to. In my case i needed +2, and that helped me a lot to focus the video. See attached pictures, i think they explain the "mod" themselves.

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  • 10/02/2020

    This product is good overall but be VERY CAREFUL to your battery level cause once the battery is depleted there will be ABSOLUTELY NO explicit warnings before the screen goes completely black without any chance of getting it back on in the moment. I lost a drone cause of this, that I was lucky enough to find back 1km away from the take-off area so be very careful please. Otherwise, the CONS are : the foam is not great and tend to come of a little sometimes and the buttons are somewhat confusing, see picture linked with this review. The battery is really not that long lasting, 4 to 5 flights max on the brightest setting which you should always crank up to max cause of horrible light leakage from the nose area. No video output for external recording. Basic interface but get the job done and not really good reception with included antenna. PROS : Very good quality of the lens, good bright screen, auto search fonction with always on discret radio band displaying, detachable lens to somewhat share the fpv stream and overall good quality for the price. Hard to recommend for other than first FPV Googles for beginners but it gets the job done for the price if you're looking to start in FPV ;) Been using them for some months now. Hope this helps! Happy flying!

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  • 03/06/2016

    Довольно удобные, качество картинки хорошее, снимаешь переднюю часть и они становятся обычным монитором, в общем, рекомендую к покупке при ограниченном бюджете.

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  • 11/04/2017

    Really good and cheap fpv goggles. Clear image during flight. There is a comfortable sponge as upgrade on this version. As modification i changed the stock linear antenna with a mushroom antenna. But the original configuration is good too. Really happy!!! Recommended!!

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  • 07/08/2016

    The receiver, display screen and controls make it a good basic package for FPV. which is nicely packaged into a headset. Contrary to other reviews,mine has a properly functioning battery with run time as advertised and accurate charge indication on the display. The included optics are not sufficient to allow us who are past middle age to focus sharply on the screen. I cannibalized a pair of reading glasses to set ahead of the face flange. The face flange itself needed padding to fit to my face and feel comfortable. Lastly, adding a CP antenna takes care of reception problems the included linear antenna may encounter. In the end even after the upgrades, I have a good FPV headset for less than $100.

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  • 29/07/2016

    Думаю это оптимальное решение для неторопливых полётов. Шлём легкий, экран яркий и очень широкий. Глазом трудно охватить сразу всю картинку и значит не подойдет для гонок на мелких дронах.

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  • 08/03/2017

    muy buena opción para inciar el mundo del FVP, las hay mejores? claro que si pero por el precio de estas googles tienes una excelente opcion para inciarte y disfrutar muchisimo. Solo le bajo un poco en apariencia pues me parece que la espuma que las recubre no es muy bien puesta. Super acertado la opcion de desmontar el monitor de las gafas para montarlo en un tripode, facil para compartir con otras personas.

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