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  • 04/07/2020

    After I assembled the board with beeper, capacitor and the cables it was not working. There was no power at the welding tips. When checking the boards circuit I found this: MCU output -> drives a PNP transistor -> drives the gates of the N-ch FETs. I post a photo of the schematic: It cannot work. The diode is assembled in wrong direction (the PNP transistor will never switch on) and even if it is reversed it cannot work. The PNP transisitor is always on then because the voltage after the diode can never be higher than MCU power supply (5V) plus diode forward voltage. I removed the diode, PNP transistor and the rest and replaced it by a PC817 optocoupler, after that the spot welder works as intended. (The original circuit may work for battery voltages up to maybe 7-8V but not higher). Did the manufactiurer made this change recently? Other users will experience the same issue like me...

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  • 05/11/2020

    Minor assembly required with soldering iron. The Capacitor and Buzzer need to be soldered on, and leads have to be soldered as well. I put XT-60 on mine so I can power it with a large 5000mah 3S lipo, or use my Lipo charger in "power supply" mode. Very easy to do and board is marked for where the 2 items have to go. Assembled min in Excellent for spot-welding RC battery packs. Works on Nicad and NiMh batteries. Also works well for LiPo's. Make sure you lift the Lipo leads up, touch them together and then spot weld. Fold them back down when done

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  • 12/06/2020

    Recommended: Comes with Zero instructions. Note: Looks professionally made but definitely DIY needed. Needs strong soldering iron for cable soldering. Cap and buzzer not soldered and the "simple" tips have to be prepared (see pic).

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  • 16/06/2020

    needs a few mods to make better.. pen cables changed to 10awg .sharpen tips ..direct connect to battery..better lugs on ends of cable ..solder some copper down sides of board now works better than expected with small battery

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  • 14/11/2020

    Esse foi rápido, chegou em 12 dias em casa (moro no BRASIL), o produto funciona sim porém a configuração não é igual do vídeo, quando vc energiza vc aperta o botão pra ligar e segura ele para a placa ficar dando o curto a cada 2 segundos, depois de um tempo a placa desliga sozinha, ai é só fazer o msm procedimento do botão novamente, não funciona em bateria lipo 3s 2200mAh nem em bateria de chumbo 7Ah, testei com a bateria do som automotivo de 90Ah, mas deve funcionar com bateria de carro, na foto usei um suporte no contato da bateria só para aumentar a área de energia, isso é importante também, é só, está aprovado, podem comprar sem medo.

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  • 04/11/2021

    Ho acquistato questa PCB per realizzare saldature di batterie e visto il prezzo irrisorio pensavo che non valesse nulla, mi sono dovuto ricredere, funziona perfettamente sia con una batteria LiPo 3s 11,5 Volt 50 C che con la batteria al piombo della macchina. Sono rimasto talmente soddisfatto che ho deciso di realizzargli una scatola in PETG per tenerlo bene isolato e dargli un aspetto piacevole, il risultato come potete vedere è eccellente, lo consiglio soprattutto a chi ha dimestichezza con i collegamenti e chi vuole cimentarsi come me nella realizzazione di una enclusure personalizzata.

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  • 23/03/2021

    Yes it works but for occasional use. Nickel foil (0.1mm whichever is better) and a car battery are a must. Ναι δουλεύει αλλά για περιστασιακή χρήση. Λεπτό φύλλο νικελίου (0,1mm ότι καλύτερο) και μια μπαταρία αυτοκινήτου απαραίτητα.

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  • 24/11/2021

    This kit comes with everything needed to do light spot welding jobs on Lithium batteries. The welds were not as strong as I was hoping but they seem OK. I did grind a point onto the end of the welding probes as others had suggested. I did beef up the negative bus bar by flowing more solder onto it. I used an almost new 12v 40Ah Lead Acid Leisure Battery which is within the battery specification laid out by the manufacturer of this unit.

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  • 18/04/2020

    Works great with 12v car battery. My pcb was somewhat different, there was a capacitor included so i soldered it on. the one button turns it on and cycles it through 3 power modes. On each beep the spotwelder turns on. Amazing for the price ! i didn't have clamps to attach it to the battery so i stripped a length of the cables and ziptied it to the battery terminals :D worked good.

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  • 30/10/2021

    Moduł działa poprawnie, zgrzewa blaszki 0,1 & 0,15 mm. Połączyłem go z moim power-bankiem Blitz-woolf 12000 mAh - po sprawdzeniu z zasilaczem stabilizowanym.

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