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  • 08/12/2021

    Elle est tellement bien que j'en ai commandé une seconde pour moi car l'autre je l'ai donné comme elle avait eu du succès. Simple à porter comme vous pouvez le voir sur les photos. Éclaire bien. Les photos sont faites avec le même réglage au niveau appareil photo dans un mode manuel. La première photo dans le noir, la seconde avec l'éclairage frontal, et la troisième éclairage sur le côté. Le tout à pleine puissance à chaque fois. Le câble pour recharger est fourni. Au format usb-c. Une nouvelle fois je suis satisfait et recommande sans problème le produit.

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  • 13/12/2021

    I wanted headlamps for my small kids as during winter months it's getting dark around 4pm here but they can't sleep until 9ish in the evening so we spend a lot of time outside in the dark... Public lighting is utter crap since they installed led lighting on the streets hence the need for headlamps (see and be seen) This headlamp seemed good and lightweight in the pictures so I ordered 2 of them...and man it's better than expected. It is not heavy, easy to wear for the boys and the light is strong enough to see well in the dark. I added some example pictures with the lamp off, and the 4 lighting modes - i think they speak for themselves. Also ordering and delivery was smooth and on time. Highly recommended product.

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  • 13/10/2021

    Très efficace. Le bandeau led permet d'avoir une vision plus large dans l'obscurité. Il éclaire sur les côtés. Le petit projecteur permet lui d'avoir un éclairage plus centré. Le détecteur sur le côté permet d'allumer ou d'éteindre d'un mouvement de main la lumière. Il peut se mettre sur le bandeau ou le projecteur au choix. Nous pouvons également de ne pas l'activer. Chaque éclairage possède deux niveaux de puissance. Pour l'instant, je ne peux pas dire si l'autonomie est bonne. La recharge se fait avec le câble fourni en USB USB-C. Il faut par contre utiliser son chargeur de téléphone car celui-ci n'est pas fourni avec. Je ne trouve pas cela dérangeant pour ma part. Cela évite d'avoir une collection de chargeur. Puis nous pouvons aussi la recharger avec une powerbank. Cette lampe frontale est confortable à porter. La matière est agréable. Comme toute lampe, il faut faire attention avec une personne à côté de nous car elle ébloui beaucoup. Il faut éviter de regarder directement le faisceau. J'en recommanderais une à l'occasion car c'est un bon produit.

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  • 13/10/2021

    Perfect headlamp....the brightness is beyond imagination....i want to buy another one already... Because in the description doesn't mention about battery time. Here is a photo from the box that says the time for each setting.

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  • 07/10/2021

    This head lens LED is amazing...! It is very light and with a comfortable strap. The center light is very strong and spread with the possibility of lowering and flashing. The small LED on the side is very useful. This head lens has a smart way to turn it on and off, with a constant switch but also with the movement of the hand. I suggest it to you...!!

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  • Ari Neo

    senter keren ini bro, baterai awet, murah dan banyak fitur.. led cob nya tidak panas dan stabil 👍 built Quality juga bagus.

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  • 26/01/2023

    Good quality. Very lightweight. Very bright. Fast shipping

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  • 21/12/2021

    What can I say - other than BUY IT - I bought one to test out. I was impressed at the brightness out of the box - then I charged it and boom - even more light. I'm now up to my 5th order of this item as I have bought them for 3 friends and 1 for a family member. They are very bright, very light, comfortable to wear and don't have a lump of a lens sticking out front that's going to get snagged on things in tight places. Rubber and completely foldable, so the can easily fit in a pocket - although I'd not make a habit of it as any electronics can fail if internal wires are repeatedly folded up day after day. The wave on and off is a great feature and is very useful, especially if you are doing something messy and don't want to touch the switch. Its important to point out the one flaw with the wave on and off and that is that it uses an infra red emitter bulb and a sensor that detects the light being reflected off anything close so it will pick up reflected infra red off any surface within say 18 inches of the sensor and switch on, or off - no way round that, although putting some opaque material over the switch or sensor could make it less sensitive if your entire use is in a confined space - an old floppy disk or old photo negative, or even tissue paper would be the kind of materials I'd try if I wanted to make the wave very close to my head. All in all a great product, especially when on sale. Recommended.

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  • 28/01/2022

    I waited about 1 month to arrive. It's been a bit long, but not a problem. This is a very good product! I have already assigned a fifth to my family and acquaintances. I ordered it for myself first and when they saw it I had to order for everyone. Sophisticated workmanship is an attractive and practical form. It is also very suitable for outdoor sports, hiking and working from home. Value for money is very good!

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  • 11/02/2022

    very useful item & very unique, i'm so satisfied! the light is very powerful and can last up to 2 hours at top performance. 4 types of light the wave induction is the most amazing feature, especially if u are working and ur hands are dirty. i'm gonna buy another one👌👍 (note: the light produces a bit of heat, u can feal it on the surface which is on contact on ur head)

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