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  • 26/11/2016

    I had been trying forever to get BG to sell these switches separately and finally they did. I just bought a bunch of these mainly because I am tired of making them myself and I am happy to say that all that I bought I tested individually and only one had a small defect which was easily fixed with a touch of my soldering iron. These for in the Astrolux X6 - X5 and the BLF versions also and was primarily made a designed by PilotDog68 at BLF for the Kronos Box set lights. Make sure you have the correct driver as these will work in many different lights but it can also cause you problems with your UI, meaning your modes will possibly go wacky on you, so the fix for that is to put a bleeder resistor on the driver, and that's about all I'll say on that.. Google Took some pictures for you to see these switches in action, but do know that I left the switch disassembled so you can see the LED's, this is NOT what your light will look like if you buy these, you will have a clear switch boot and retainers to cover these LED's, just so you know, the light DOES not look like these pictures after install, oh boy I can hear it now at customer service, but it doesn't look like this guys pictures.. yep it would happen.. For sure.

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  • 26/09/2017

    Initially they were sending out these switches with 1 LED which made the switches look weird with the LED side brighter than the side without one. Now they finally got the 2 LED's out which is great. But these LED's are not as bright as the switches that come with the Convoy S2+'s and BLF X5/X6. If you're expecting the same level of brightness, you're going to be disappointed. If you want a more subtle light, you'll be very happy. I only wish they would make them in white so that we can use translucent colored tailcaps for a color of our choice.

    Toon origineel
  • 11/08/2017

    Nice bright LED but it looks a little weird. Since it has only 1 LED positioned to one side of the switch the other side looks dimmer so their is no uniform brightness. I got this to work on my BLF A6 by swapping it's driver board with the BLF X6 X5/Astrolux S2 S3 SS SC driver board they sell here on Banggood. Functions the same as the original both in brightness and modes. Beat the heck out of trying to figure out was bleeder resistor to use and soldering the tiny thing on the board.

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  • 12/10/2018

    This is a version without the metal ring. If you flashlight has it from the beginning you can buy this cheaper version or when you want to jave the spare part choose version with the brass ring.

    Toon origineel
  • 31/01/2017

    These do indeed work with an Astrolux S1 (BLF B6) but, as stated by others, you will lose the reverse mode function and the brightness will be poor unless a bleeder resistor is uses. I've ordered some clear spacers/washers & clear silicone caps from elsewhere along with an assortment of SMD resistors. I'll update with values & results when I get through doing the mod.

    Toon origineel
  • 11/11/2017

    All are ok! Fits Convoy S2+.

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  • 01/02/2017

    This is a nice lighted switch. This is the 4th one I have purchase, and for the first time it had some extra material on the side. It had been scored by the circuit board maker so I was able to use a small pliers to snap it off. A minor inconvenience, but it otherwise works great. You can see the extra material in the picture.

    Toon origineel
  • 29/11/2017

    Works well with the Convoy S2+. Easy to replace the non lighting one. Packaging was good.

    Toon origineel
  • 05/06/2017

    Do exactly what it says Use it as a tail flashlight switch and colour your night... LOVE IT

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  • 08/05/2017

    It's a nice upgrade to your flashlight. Fit perfictly for the Convoy S2+. I recommend it.

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