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milosh 30/08/2020
My unit came with the ER11 chuck and collet, although I did not order it. Well thank you Banggood! Also, the control board is not like the one in the pictures, it's newer version, with built in Arduino and fan and pwm output. It uses a MOSFET instead of the relay. I'm positively surprised!
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  • milosh Update: After several attempts I have succeeded to update the GRBL firmware from 0.9 to 1.1 using Arudino IDE. The trick is to select the right board type and right Processor type. For the Board select Arudino Nano and for the processor select ''ATmega328P (Old Bootloader)''. Don't forget to backup your GRBL settings before updating and input the settings again after the update. Follow this instruction and see this picture for the upload settings:

    Beantwoorden 06/12/2020
  • drone19730602 Hithere, interested in purchasing this unit. Are you still happy with it ?

    Beantwoorden 19/01/2021
  • milosh Yes, it's still running fine after several months of regular usage. I cut 12mm laminate flooring with it, and it gets the job done easily. I use depth of 0.3 mm per pass and feed rate of 1000 mm/min. Before that, I used to do 0.5 mm depth per pass and 300 mm/min, but I find that the machine runs much smoother (less vibrations) when doing shallow passes at higher feed rate.

    Beantwoorden 20/02/2021
  • rboerdijk Thanksfor posting this, this was very were helpful. I first backed up the existing firmware from the machine with 'avrdude', flashed it to another 328p and confirmed it was running the 0.9 firmware (just in case), then uploaded the 1.1 firmware to the actual machine. The steps are quite easy for follow. Only thing missing from the manual is the need to install 340ch drivers to connect the device with Arduino Studio. Also when you get access denied to the com-ports, just unplug the usb cable to the device (so the led turns off / don't connect the 24V power-supply or it'll stay on!), plug the usb cable back in and then *quickly* click upload from Arduino studio.

    Beantwoorden 28/03/2021
  • cliffordkasper Thisworked for me (updating grbl), thanks!

    Beantwoorden 14/05/2022
  • tsagouras did you have to change anything in grbl parameters because i followed what you said but now my spindle is on all the time..

    Beantwoorden 12/09/2022

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