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Julio 2018-03-04 09:24:57
I got Digoo 3G at the beginning of this week. I tested it exhaustively. First, see pros: It is well designed . Easy to setup. It has log list for last triggered events and if you put into it a 3G SIM card, even it calls and/or sends SMS you, as you set up. Otherwise, you have possibility to get instant notification by your home WIFI via smart phone app if you have mobile internet connection. So, you can armed/disarmed by remote control, RFID card, manually with the touch surface of host or by software way even you are out of your home. There are plenty of separately sold optional sensors for it ( gas-, fire-, CO, water leakage sensor, …) Built in battery ensures functionality during power cut/outage, too. It supports another 433 Mhz type of devices (e.g. I could connect Digoo 3G to Kerui wireless siren without any hassle). See cons, as well: The mobile app is buggy a little bit. It is not synchronized with firmware of host. You can renamed zones, it is good thing but in the host it does not changed. It remains untouched. In the app the trigerred event sometimes comes with great delay or lost in the Log list. The app still should be developed.You can not write your phone number with + character international prefix on the device phone setup. So, you could not manage your system, get messages by phone if you are abroad. In the manual is not mentioned how can be set intranet feature, just tell about code meanings. I left at the end the biggest deficiency which is questioned DIGOO-HOSA’s usability, like a security system. The host can be turned off by any intruders even it is armed state. If someone push the on/off button for about 3-5 seconds the device is power off, even it is armed and the keyboard is closed with passwords, in vain. It is not acceptable since this product is sold like a security system, but a burglar can inactivate it with just one long touch on the on/off button, independently on settings. If the manufacturer could make a declaration that this „switch off issue” will be fixed in the very close future with a firmware flashing which could be download from their webpage with the essential uploader software, included step by step instructions, than it could be a good bargain. I guess this happening has very small chance… It would be nice if a competent person inform Digoo owners, that could count on any repair on it, or not. Maybe the BG Staff get response for this question from manufacturer, since I did get. Thanks for it, in advance. For the above mentioned severe security fault I do not recommend to buy Digoo security system. For the reason is why I'm not satisfied with it.
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  • polar7 Greetings from Greece Julio,
    Great review sir.
    So any firmware update fixing any of the cons you have mentioned?

    Beantwoorden 2019-06-21 11:37:59

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