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Q: Does this kill corona viruses?

gevraagd door gus op 2020-03-29 14:46:57

BG111165735 si il steriliise il tue les microbes

2020-05-23 09:20:48 Nuttig (0)
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Q: hi, how can I use this with Windows PC?

gevraagd door gus op 2019-11-07 06:32:56

Aliay Hi,it can't be used with PC

2019-11-13 20:45:26 Nuttig (0)
Answers (1)

wujiahui OV7670: focal length 3.6mm OV2640: focal length 3.3mm For more details, please check the information file in the link.

2019-09-15 21:00:08 Nuttig (1)
Answers (1)

wujiahui Different camera models have different focusing distances. For details, you can refer to the manual in the link.

2019-09-11 20:24:15 Nuttig (1)
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