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Sharmman It's a hard switching SMPS and independently of low ripple output , even working in the same floor with receivers and antennas , 160m,80m,40m bands will be seriously affected from transformer harmonics transmission , it won't affect bands over 6m though. Low frequency transformers (50-60Hz) are highly recommended for HF ham radio stations.

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Sharmman Latest flux of Cree XHP50.2 3V can provide over 4500 Lumen at 14A , so 3X14=42A and 13,500 Lm (without optics) and even the strongest 21700 30T can't exceed 30A if wiring of direct 1mR mosfet is ≤ AWG14 plus spring by-pass.As I finally discovered , this can't exceed 6500 Lumen due to very thin leds wires and mosfet loss.

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Sharmman According to declared ratings of 89.733 Cd , theoretical distance is calculated to 599,11 meters.

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