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BG143419533 It is the way to do commerce!!! It is like fishing, to catch big fish you should make a smaller esca on the hook!!!!

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Q: Serve para usar no smartphone?

gevraagd door BG561648222 op 2020-07-19 12:09:17

BG143419533 Yes

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BG143419533 dije a katorsekatorsetrese de fasse n'ber pippone su una de kille kasse blizwolf dopo ke si è askortato brother in arms dei mitici "Dire Straits" 🤙🤟

GustavR 08/04/2022
I have never purchased an audio device from Blitwolf that I wasn't impressed by. The brand's value proposition is exceptional. This portable wireless bluetooth speaker is no exception. It is really good. Order and shipping: • Banggood and Buffalo logistics shone again. It got here more than a week faster than anticipated. The box was slightly dented, but the contents were in perfect nick. I really wish Bangood would bubble-wrap electronics for shipping. Unboxing: • The speaker is packed neatly and securely in fitting foam with the USB-C, Aux cables, manual, and wrist strap included. The speaker arrived fully charged. The speaker: • The speaker has a weighty heft for its compact size (I prefer this size for portability over larger speakers), and the materials, fit, and finish are very good. I especially like the matt, soft-touch finish. • The operations are straightforward and simple. It connected to my bluetooth device without any trouble. • The sound quality is pretty impressive for the size and price, with the best setting for fidelity in normal. The punchier bass settings in the equaliser lose too much in the high and mid-range frequencies for my taste, but that is a personal preference. If you like booming bass from a small speaker, you'd love this. • It can also go louder than I anticipated, but again, not something that is as important to me as high fidelity across frequencies. • The battery life is super! I've played non-stop music through it for more than 7 hours before the battery low-warning pinged. The volume setting was around 50%. • I am contemplating getting another one - because the TWS connection, allowing 2 speakers to connect to one bluetooth device simultaneously for great stereo sounds like a nifty plan. • I have not tested the water resistance or call-receiving ability. Not something I'd use. In all, I can easily recommend this Blitzwolf speaker. Like the headphones and earphones from this brand that I already own, you can't go wrong.
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BG143419533 Allora inizia a cercarle!! Sicuramente se le cerchi, per bene, le trovi.

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BG143419533 Certo che ci sono!!! E li puoi aquistare separatamente! Sia il motore anteriore, che quello posteriore.

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BG143419533 A causa del grande flusso di ordinazioni che gli arrivano in questo periodo!!!

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Q: I want to buy the road tire for the t30 what is the size?

gevraagd door jorgefonseca748 op 2023-09-01 12:02:57

BG143419533 Sono gomme da 11,e le trovi qui sulle pagine di BG. Basta cheindichi ilmodello ed il tipo di gomme che cerchi.

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Q: do you have tubless tire for laotie l6?

gevraagd door BG571817422 op 2023-02-11 05:55:44

BG143419533 Certamente che ci sono!!! Basta che fai la richiesta specifica dove vedi la lente di ingrandimento nella parte superiore del telefono, e poi leggi molto attentanente dove è la descrizione dello pneumatico, ed i vari modelli dove lo puoi montare....

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BG143419533 Ho dovuto girarmi le palle per inserirlo nel cerchio, ma dopo svariati tentativi ci sono riuscito.

BG143419533 13/10/2023
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Q: Quanto è larga la base dove si poggiano i piedi?

gevraagd door FabrizioA op 2023-04-01 09:37:19

BG143419533 La base dove si poggiano i piedi è larga 23-23,5cm. Ciao.

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