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Q: This welder is out of stock many months when it will be available ?

gevraagd door labbang op 2020-04-10 01:13:13

Mighael74 I don't know my friend I am byer like you not the seller.

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Q: Deve essere caricata ad 1A o si può con 2A? Grazie

gevraagd door BG124139185 op 2022-03-04 10:47:33

Mighael74 this light is a very strong product. I don't know for the battery but the lights make the night.... day.

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Q: Is the face glass or plastic?

gevraagd door jimramos op 2022-03-05 09:00:37

Mighael74 the face is glass

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Q: she is a aptX LL???

gevraagd door BG143254212 op 2022-02-06 02:42:45

Mighael74 I can understand your question

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Mighael74 very good smartphone.not for very havy games.very good camera beautiful pictures.for this Money the best

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Q: Is the housing/power cord grounded?

gevraagd door JosephBell op 2019-11-17 05:14:44

Mighael74 very good product. for works in your house

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Q: Светодиод уведомления есть?

gevraagd door BG134474038 op 2022-01-22 02:03:13

Mighael74 I don't receive yet the smart phone

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Q: Does ESPN come with live channel

gevraagd door BG251722142 op 2021-01-15 01:18:58

BG115295645 yes

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