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alexan I'm using it with imars j01 and works great. I got an EC5 plug and I'm using that to connect to the jump starter with AWG10 wire. I'm not sure if it will work using the crocodile cables (the ones included with the imars).

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Q: Olá, qual a composicão chumbo/estanho?

gevraagd door BG415624015 op 2023-05-02 07:56:03

alexan I just receiver the 50g spool, It's Sn63 Pb37

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Fabio fax se sostituisci la ruota puoi usare fino al 1,2 le vendono di tutti i modi sia le misure diverse che i tipi di filo diverso praticamente sono tre tipi cioè.... U_V_K Questi sono i tre tipi con filo con gas senza gas e pure per alluminio cambiando pure la guaina quella in teflon

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Q: What is the arbor size please, is it M14?

gevraagd door alexan op 2022-05-11 05:16:58

The seller What do you mean by M14.

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alexan removethe four feet on the bottom side and remove the four screws plus the one in the middle. You can open the cover and see if you can fix the problem, probably something with the springs

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