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Raanan 09/08/2020
Overall: Quite nice. Looks nice, small, feels sturdy and weather resistant. Need to learn more how to properly use it with the aid of the phone App/Web before actually install it. Pros: The DiGoo DG-P05 is indeed small/mini. Shipping box was small. Packed in formed Styrofoam. Carton was slightly bent during transit but no damage inside. It worked right away when I powered it out of the box. I used a 12V/1A charger (required operating current is not defined in the technical specification or user manual !!!). All seems to be working correctly. PTZ, Microphone, Alarm, IR LEDs Microphone is very sensitive. Intelligent Tracking is indeed following movement and noise direction as far as I can tell. Notifications work as well. Still need to optimize settings. Cons: No charger included in this product :-( (this fact was clearly indicated in the "What is Included" details on ordering web site). I used old 12V/1A charger I had. In box User Manual only talks about physical installation, installing the YCC365 Plus App, web access and how to begin pairing. Pairing with QR Code didn't work. App never asked or turned on phone camera to read QR Code. Bug? Interface/Power cable end is very short (~36cm). It means, power source (or network cable) will need to be very near! The YCC365 Plus App phone and Web access site is the weak spot. Latency is BAD, sometimes minutes!!!, sometimes seconds. So when you Pan/Tilt, you have no real-time feedback and will probably overshoot. Sometimes App hangs and App needs to be restarted. Same for Web site access through sometimes has endless loading wheel. No real instructions on the App features and settings. Timestamp in picture is shifted and doesn't align with actual time per Timezone setting. Web access control line shows correct time but in picture time is shifted. Bug?? Cloud storage service is a paid service. Free 1 month trial. No clear instructions on how access SD memory storage I inserted into the camera.
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