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Q: what are other connectors for on board

gevraagd door mickrv2017 op 2020-09-16 04:14:19

margotcopeland Just the Losi battery connector

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margotcopeland If it is the standard receiver, it should bind as the RTF systems and only with the Volantex or Eachine transmitter, which binds automatically with each use on just about all Volantex fixed wing planes using the standard Volantex RTF transmitter. THIS DOES NOT USE A STANDARD PROTOCOL like DSMX or FlySky. I take a single transmitter with my Ranger 400-600 - Mini Warbirds and it binds with all on startup. Throttle Down-Up-Down arms the motor. Gyro can be calibrated with left stick left lower corner-right stick right lower corner simultaneously BEFORE arming the can servos be reversed by holding the appropriate stick fully in the direction desired BEFORE arming the motor. If using multiple planes make sure only the one you wish to fly is powered on. Hope that helps.

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margotcopeland Oluwabusuyi Adekola{|}You may be an "expert" in computers and softwares (?), but you have no idea about math and logic. Take 5 of a wanted item at a low price and 5000 people clicking on Snap Up (a very low figure) at the same time. If you actually used your mind, you'd realize the odds of getting it are 1 in 5000. A "big time" customer could simply buy the item, nor would Banggood risk alienating their customer base to grease 5 palms. It's JUST A GAME. Or maybe you're trolling for the competition.

Oluwabusuyi Adekola 2017-09-09 09:08:40
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