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Strider 2019-01-24 10:39:49
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Strider Have you tried 1.4 version pf the driver? The 1.3 crashed my Sierra but the 1.4 worked for me. Maybe there's a new version for Win 10 as well? The driver I used came as

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Q: which library i need to install for it

gevraagd door gtechmaker op 2018-07-18 05:34:16

Strider Use the MD_MAX72XX library. With the device set to: #define HARDWARE_TYPE MD_MAX72XX::ICSTATION_HW. If you don't change that line in the examples, the characters are mirrored. Use the MD_Parola library (also) for even more functions. All sketches have to include that line, the default is Parola hardware.

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