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Q: can you make the height taller then 75cm ?

gevraagd door BG515412163 op 2021-06-23 03:11:11

jim bydefault no you can you raise a little bit the plastic feet that have 1-2 cm only

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Q: There is no manual with my unit. What is the procedure for taking a photo?

gevraagd door hgoldberg1 op 2020-06-03 11:52:36

jim from(D) button you can select foto or video and from (OK) button you can take foto or video

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jim@BG231375122 καλησπερα συγνωμη δεν μ τα βγαζει τα μνμτα τυχαια τα βλεπω μαι φυσικα φωτιζει και το σηκωνεις η κατεβαζεις φωτιζει δλδ τερμα κατω στο πληκτρολογιο η στα μουτρα οπως βλεπεις κοιτας

jim 19/01/2022
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Q: can i ask what is the size please lenght width & height

gevraagd door BG571144201 op 2022-10-23 06:51:02

jim isall on the description reak size Specification: Model: BW-GD2 Color: Black Size: 1400*660*750mm Weight: 22.4kg Load: 260 Pounds Features: - Stable

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