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Q: which is the Amp suported?

gevraagd door weisy op 2019-01-23 09:57:56

DanSourmayo I have used up to 1.5amps without an issue. If you have a bench supply, you could sacrifice one connector and test how many amps it could handle.

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Q: what module is it

gevraagd door jakubzawadzanko op 2021-01-08 02:59:15

weisy Module is 0.52 Module is Reference diameter divided by teeths, but this diameter is the outer diamter (21 T :12mm D) - the reference diameter is about 11mm - then 11 divided 21 = 0,5221 T: 12mm diameter 22 T: 12.5mm 23 T: 13mm 24 T: 13.5mm 25 T: 14mm

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Q: Is yaxun 878d + compatible?

gevraagd door toshiba1987 op 2020-12-21 03:13:40

weisy i think yes.

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weisy alittle soap, and the toothbrush is better if is hard, not shoft.

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Q: Hi! does the pinions fit with the original drive of ZD Racing 9106s?

gevraagd door skay10 op 2020-02-04 04:01:18

weisy i can't say, is better you ask to support, or buy the original spare for 10427-s 9106-S. or try to measure the diameter the original have 24T and if the diameter is the same than the 24T in this pack, but be sure need to be exact diameter and 24T if not can't mach. and the height: 9mm 24T: 13.5mm Diametral -- this need to be the same than the original same teeths and diameter, if not the Pitch DP can be diferent. Pitch: 48DP -- this is the deep of the teethsSuitable motor shaft diameter: 3.175mm But the better is you ask first to support or search for the original spare.

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