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BG224864405 Il est aussi marqué 15-30C est c'est évidemment bidon ! Je ne connais pas de cellule ion 18650 capable de débiter plus de 30A, max 35A (et encore sous quelles conditions ?)...Donc là, annoncer même 15C soit 90A (!!!) c'est du foutage de gueule complet ^^

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Q: Why does the back state LiPo info when it is Lithium Ion ?

gevraagd door elias op 2021-03-28 11:05:44

The seller Li-ion Battery

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elias I have this canopy here, you can not fit the standard Vista Camera or the standard DJI camera 20mm, it will fit the nebula camera 14mm.

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elias I agree they looked fragile so I use the LDARC prop guards and have crashed very heavy many times and never lost a single motor, the prop guards do change the way it flies a little but I was afraid that if I didnt use prop guards that a motor would be lost in a medium crash.

colocho64 04/10/2019
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elias Just to clarify for you hanoswe this unit plugs into both the 2019 and older version of Taranis X9D plus, this new version gives you access but also supports accst which is what the receiver supplied with it actually is flashed to D16, you will not be able to do bind to any receiver lower than that, like 12 or 8, we are being forced to access protocol and this is a way to get part the way there

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Q: can 100kg of load be lifted by these 8 or 10 motors

gevraagd door syedsultan123go op 2019-09-05 12:13:19

elias These motors are for a drone that fits in your hand, the motors you want for 100kg lift would be 10 motors the size of your hand and the battery packs and esc's would weight around the 50kg range anyway each prop would also be the size of your forearm, it would be cheaper to get an ultra light or power glider to lift a human

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