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BG498404516 28/06/2021
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Q: is this better than a surpass f540 motor?

gevraagd door BG543805174 op 2021-09-07 02:04:30

BenLandel It is probably very similar. Racerstar is a Banggood brand, Surpass might even be the manufacturer!!

2021-09-23 01:49:25 Nuttig (0)
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Q: can you fit 2 batteries in this with an adapter?

gevraagd door BG121644454 op 2021-09-14 06:23:18

BenLandel without heavy modifications, there is just no space for more than ONE 2200-2600 mah lipo

2021-09-14 09:48:28 Nuttig (1)
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Q: Does fit a 4076 brushless motor?

gevraagd door BG338324521 op 2021-09-01 02:47:28

BenLandel no

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BenLandel well well well, the housing is actually 36mm x 36mm, so I had to shave 0,5mm on each side To make it fit in my Firma 150a. I was hitting the caps and prevented me from putting the fan shroud+fan back NOT a direct replacement in my case!

BenLandel 31/08/2021
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Q: r they in stock now ?

gevraagd door Sprint op 2021-08-25 11:01:55

BenLandel Probably

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Q: Is it compatible with Hobbyking HK GT2?

gevraagd door Luckrapi op 2021-08-23 10:28:12

BenLandel Since the HK GT2 is the same as the FS GT2, yes it will work.

2021-08-24 04:07:52 Nuttig (0)
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