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Q: hello is it possible to get the rtsp of the cameras?

gevraagd door BG163247322 op 2022-03-04 05:05:42

svend Hello! There is a link on Google, try searching there, I found more to show you how to do it. Unfortunately, however, one should not refer to other webpages on this page. Enjoy.:)

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Q: Can you store the recordings on cloud storage instead of Hard Disk ?

gevraagd door BG141410553 op 2022-02-20 07:38:50

svend Hello. I haven't tried it myself as I have a hard drive in it, but why shouldn't it be possible if you connect it to your computer & ipad & otherwisemartphone as sync with icloud, like your video that you take on your smartphone. Enjoy:)

2022-02-21 01:54:52 Nuttig (0)
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