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Q: Incorrect HF power data looks untrustworthy and ridiculous.

gevraagd door viliambang op 2019-10-18 12:39:46

00919354143124 Be aware that most of these radios using 3.7 Batteries have an RF output limitations.... Most have a real output of ~ 2 Watts.... however, it does not make much difference in real situations..... unless you are using them with YAGI antennas for a long hop.....

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viliambang Originalny SW umožňuje nastavit aj ostatné parametre, je nutné modifikovať prog. súbor. Potom ale nesplna povol. podmienky pre PMR.

mirekrp 07/04/2021
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Q: what maximum range distance?

gevraagd door aboe3beedo op 2018-05-14 01:51:07

viliambang The band is VHF and UHF. The right question would be: what distance can I communicate when there are no obstacles between the two points. Buildings, terrain, vegetation higher than 1m, etc. In practice, such a situation is rare. All obstacles, depending on their material, represent attenuation of radio waves. In practice, the radius in the area with buildings is in the range of 2-4 km. From an elevated position, however, it can increase up to many times.

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