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Q: Can you suggest an appropriate tripod to put it on?

gevraagd door Michael Hydreos op 2019-12-19 11:16:45


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Q: What is the input voltage?

gevraagd door Richard op 2020-07-21 05:53:32

pnvmr71 youhave to choose the adapter AU Plug - EU Plug - UK Plug - US Plug

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Q: tenho que informar na compra que e 220v ?se sim como faço?

gevraagd door Dionatan Elert Oliveira op 2020-06-14 10:38:15

pnvmr71 noproduto seleciona o adaptador EU plug e vai com tomada correta para Portugal

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Q: Can I use it with powerbank?

gevraagd door BG541115093 op 2021-01-18 10:46:09

pnvmr71 I´m not sure about that, but i think it´s not possible, this projector it´s not rechargeable, has no battery.. the projector only works connected directly to the power outlet You use powerbank to recharge batteries of celular phone, tablet, etc i right?

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pnvmr71 Hi, I agree that it may not have the real 6500 lumens, but for the price it costs !!! this projector has a lot of quality and brightness and competes with many branded projectors much more expensive than this one. I am very happy with it, it has been my company in the night cinema sessions some videos at youtube about it ...look at this one in youtube, i cannot put the link so i put the title "Projetor BW-VP3 6500 luméns 300 polegadas" ...a guy projects outside at 8 meters distance

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pnvmr71 Hi Beden, sorry to answer your question only now... you cannot Zoom, but at the distance that you pretend, i think it can go to a picture of 3 meters, maybe a little more, so it´s under 300" ...i have min at 3 m 40 cm distance with a picture of 2 m 50 cm ...i´m very happy with this projector, it´s great, very good quality for the price, it´s my cinema every night ...with games it´s great too ;) ...I hope I have been useful, bye

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Q: why eu plug is not 45% Off like any other versions?

gevraagd door Pedro op 2020-08-03 09:41:08

pnvmr71 Olá pedro, sinceramente não sei, quando comprei não me apercebi desse pormenor ...não sei o porquê, só a Banggood poderá esclarecer essa dú qualquer maneira, vale bem o preço, é um excelente projector. ;)

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pnvmr71 Hola, no es un error, el contraste es este mismo 2000: 1 Estoy super satisfecho con este proyector, excelente calidad por su precio, recomiendo

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Q: waterproof?

gevraagd door bodiszabolcs2 op 2020-04-21 03:42:42

pnvmr71 it can get some drizzle, but it´s not waterproof

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