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Q: Where can we down load the User Manual ?

gevraagd door JayBee op 2022-07-30 05:06:54

volker_klein Diese Abbildungen sind KEINE Anleitung ! ! Wo steht die Belegung der zahlreichen nicht kommnetierten Kabeln ? Diese Abbildungen sind NICHT hilfreich !

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JayBee RTF as in the Product Title means Ready To Fly. The Transmitter IS included.

2022-11-24 02:12:19 Nuttig (0)
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BG491943355 I bought two such Panels. One produces max 30W and the other 2W!!! This is a fraud! If you guys are reporting the same from Germany, let me know so we can arrange a lawyer and bring this fraud to the court!

2022-06-16 11:53:29 Nuttig (12)
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Q: Need a link to the Assembly/User Instructions...

gevraagd door JayBee op 2022-08-25 07:13:34


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