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Q: Does the Frsky SPI BUS receiver also support ACCST D16 or only D8?

gevraagd door BG401549565 op 2020-12-23 12:07:02

cLogic Just Watched Nick Burns Review on this. According to his video, this and the mob6 lite, just like the original Mobula Series, is running D8 spi receivers. Original Taranis X9, QX7, XLite with ACCST (D8 and D16) will work. Any Taranis with a scroll wheel or not mentioned here WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT MPM. Radios such as the Jumper and RadioMaster line, or equivalent Multi Protocol Radio and or most Multi Protocol Modules will work with this build. Hope this helps. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND BEST OF HEALTH TO EVERYONE!

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Q: Doea it fit a micro camera?

gevraagd door gianpoz op 2019-08-09 11:09:42

cLogic The camera mounting width is 14mm. It will not fit micro cameras such as the micro swift micro arrow, and new caddx ratel, as the mounting width is 19mm. This frame is ready to accept cameras such as the runcam nano v2, caddx turbo eos2, runcam nano split, caddx baby turtle nano and any other camera that has the mounting width of 14mm. Hope this was helpful.

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gevraagd door cLogic op 2018-05-22 03:55:12

daslolo less than 70m. The antenna is the wrong length so it's out of tune for 2.4 Ghz Most report very low range, with on occasion some saying 300m - this indicates that quality control on this unit is very spotty so buy at your own risk

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Q: rssi port is for current sensor ?

gevraagd door maulik_the_best op 2018-10-17 01:52:31

cLogic What port CAN be used for current sensor?

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