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Q: where i can find the moon??

gevraagd door Tsarouxas op 2021-09-24 10:49:19

nikben I ordered the above misleading product and it arrived without the moon as you guessed. I contacted them and got no reply regarding where to get the Moon...

2021-09-26 01:21:52 Nuttig (1)
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PerGunnar If you think you get a working vacuum cleaner for 1/10 of the price of a really cheap, bottom of the barrel one, then good luck! Even on Banggood you get what you pay for. And in this case I'd wager not much.

2020-01-06 10:17:48 Nuttig (5)
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Q: How many HDD/SSD can it hold?

gevraagd door nikben op 2021-07-29 02:26:20

Fancywork Hello, you can contact with customer service.

2021-07-31 01:07:16 Nuttig (0)
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