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silver863 You can’t. It’s one of the pitfalls of a cheap module. I seem to recall watching a video about taking a soldering iron to it to add a flashing connection, but you’re better off with a budget Eachine module. I believe they have a firmware flashing port. (See Bardwells’s AKK shootout video)

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silver863 There have been two versions of the Nebula camera. The first one was updated because it was so poor, the second is ok but if you can take the extra few grams it’s better to get the DJI camera. The image quality is much better.

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Q: can the display be turned around? im left handed

gevraagd door jureZupz op 2020-09-18 04:27:54

silver863 I’ve just checked the instructions and no, unfortunately the display can’t be turned around.

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Q: is it micro USB or type C adapter?

gevraagd door danavidan op 2020-08-05 09:18:39

silver863 Micro usb. I’ve just received one without thinking about the connection. Kinda assumed a lot of boards are usbC now so it would be able to do both. Leads are available. usbC to micro usb. Will try one, all may not be lost...

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