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aesthetics 15/01/2019
So I bought this watch because I really did not want to spend $1300 AUD on an Apple Watch. So for roughly 1/50 of the price, I got something cheaper that was relatively decent for its price. So to start off, the design of the watch is almost identical in dimensions to an Apple Watch - the only difference being only one touch button at the base of the face. The materials used is quite sturdy in design with the metal finish and nice, tempered glass. The second thing is that software customization is virtually none, there's only two watch faces on here to tell the time (but I'm not complaining.) The vibration on this device, however, is not the most pleasing to hear or feel. Best way to describe is as if an elderly woman is growling at you, but that's okay I can forgive that for what it's worth. The watch date is in the format YY/MM/DD which can be confusing to read for us Australians. If you can get over that, then there's zero issues you should have with this watch. The watch does however, require the 'wearfit' app to enable full functionality of the watch and to configure time automatically (you can't configure it manually). It worked perfectly the first time I attempted to link the watch to the phone and the app is functional albeit with some design flaws for some menuing buttons (iOS 12, iPhone X) Health measurements are accurate; the 'find' feature of the watch does not work but the app's 'find watch' feature does (again note, iOS 12, iPhone X). 'Shake and Take' feature can only be done on the app and is a little dodgy. Honestly, for what it was worth it was definitely a good deal and I could not be happier with my purchase.
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Q: Would this fit on a Thermaltake Tt eSports?

gevraagd door aesthetics op 2018-07-25 04:55:01

Surculation I check the keyboard, and it seems not compatible. In this keycap set, the botton line, such as the ctrl/win/alt/fn/app keys all in the same size-1.25u; but the TT keyboard' are not the same.

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